Henriette van Lynden lezing – 2030 A New Middle East?

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Time table:
07.22: Dr. Salman Shaikh
24.37: Dr. Amy Zalman
41.44: Panel discussion

On June 4 2015 the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs organized a Henriette van Lynden lecture that focused on the future of the Middle East.

Dr. Salman Shaikh, Dr Amy Zalman, Mr. Mehdi Khalaji and Dr. Jonathan Spyer shared their views on the topic and participated in a panel discussion.

After 5 years as moderator of the Henriette van Lynden lecture series, Ernesto Braam takes up a new position in Singapore. Here, he introduces his successor Karin Wester.

Dr. Salman Shaikh
Salman Shaikh is Director of the Brookings Doha Center, his areas of research include Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and the Gulf states. His research focuses on negotiations related to conflict resolution, domestic politics, and geopolitics of the Middle East.

Dr. Amy Zalman
As CEO of the World Future Society, Dr. Zalman sketched the Middle-East in 2030. She is a widely recognized original thinker on future scenarios.

Mr. Mehdi Khalaji
This Iranian Senior Fellow at The Washington Institute was educated as a Shi’a cleric in Qom, Iran. Mr. Khalaji frequently writes for the New York Times and appears on BBC. He provided us with the Iranian vision on the Middle-East in the next 15 years.

Dr. Jonathan Spyer
Dr. Jonathan Spyer is director of the Rubin Center at the Israeli University IDC Herzliya. He is a highly respected columnist for the Jerusalem Post and publishes in the Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, The Times and the Weekly Standard on regional conflicts. Dr. Spyer looked 15 years ahead from an Israeli point of view.

Moderated by Ernesto Braam

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