Livestream Back to The Wild West with Kenneth Manusama

Rights, racism & religion

Livestream Back to The Wild West with Kenneth Manusama

 Super Tuesday, the most important day of the American primaries, the John Adams Institute is doing a deep dive into the weaknesses and instabilities of America’s democratic system. As November’s elections loom, legal, racial, and religious controversies are already stretching the country to a breaking point.

Yes, of course there will be plenty of courtroom spectacle in March, as proceedings against Trump get under way for his role in subverting the 2020 elections. But these troubling times demand that we look further: the very fate of democracy in America hangs in the balance.

In his new book, Democratie van het Wilde Westen, Kenneth Manusama does just that. He investigates how the Trump era painfully exposed the structural vulnerabilities in America’s democratic system. And he shows that the problems in American democracy did not start with Trump, neither did they end with his defeat in 2020, nor were they unique in American history.

On March 5th, Manusama  will give a talk and – together with a panel of experts – will delve into the threats brewing within the United States’ own borders. We will close the evening with a preview of Boom Chicago’s comedy show, Politically Incorrect featuring Greg Shapiro and Pep Rosenfeld.


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