Henriette van Lynden Lezing – No Woman, No Spring: Arab Women, Gender Equality and Political Participation

On Wednesday, January 22, 2014 a new edition of the ‘Henriette van Lynden Lecture’ was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands in the center for debate De Rode Hoed in Amsterdam. The focus was gender equality in the Middle East, particularly zooming in on political participation of Arab women.

Human rights lawyer and women’s rights activist Ragia Omran — honoured with the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award in 2013 — started the lecture with elaborating on the topic from her experience at the frontline of Egyptian women’s rights activism. The Yemeni Nadia al-Sakkaf, chief editor of Yemen Times and women’s representative in the National Dialogue Conference, elaborated on the subject from her expertise and experience. Moroccan-Dutch journalist, writer and television producer Hassnae Bouazza gave her response on both speakers and broadened the discussion with her experience as journalist and writer in a Western culture.

The lecture was moderated by Ernesto Braam, strategic policy advisor at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Time schedule:

  • Introduction
  • Ragia Omran: 8m30
  • Nadia al-Sakkaf: 30m40
  • Hassnae Bouazza: 38m30
  • Panel discussion: 44m00
  • Questions and answers: 1h01m50
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