The Moscow Times: two years of war

And the Future of Exiled Russian Journalism

The Moscow Times: two years of war

February 2024 marks two years of war in Ukraine. This war has been fought not only on the battlefield — both inside Russia and abroad; Kremlin propaganda pushes its agenda 24/7. Independent Russian journalists have been jailed, fined, and forced out of the country for telling the truth about the war. Amsterdam has become a significant hub for Russian journalists in exile.

With no end in sight to this devastating war, what is the future of Russian journalism in exile? And what does the future hold for the war?

The Moscow Times invites you to a conversation with Ukrainian-Russian filmmaker Alexander Rodnyansky, who has worked closely with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, continued by a conversation with former Channel One journalist Marina Ovsyannikova to explore these questions. These interviews will be followed by a panel discussion with TV Rain anchor Mikhail Fishman, The Guardian reporter Pjotr Sauer and The Moscow Times’ publisher Alexander Gubsky.



Alexander Rodnyansky is a Ukrainian-Russian film and media manager. He is the co-
founder of the Russian production company Art Pictures Studio and the Ukrainian film
company Kinodom. He is also the producer of famous movies such as Leviathan,
Stalingrad, and The Death of Stalin.

Marina Ovsyannikova is a Russian journalist and former editor of Russia’s state-run Channel One who gained international attention in March 2022 when she interrupted a live broadcast of a state television news program to protest the war in Ukraine.


Femke Halsema is the mayor of Amsterdam




John Sweeney is an award-winning British investigative
journalist and writer. He moved to Ukraine
following the Russian invasion in February
2022 and has since reported on the war from
on the ground.

Mikhail Fishman is a Russian journalist and the anchor of the
independent TV channel TV Rain. He previously
worked for The Moscow Times since 1993,
serving as its editor-in-chief from 2015-2017.


Derk Sauer is the founder and CEO of The Moscow Times. He is a Dutch journalist and businessman who has been involved in the Russian media industry for over 30 years.


Pjotr Sauer is a Dutch/Russian journalist and is a reporter on Russian affairs for The Guardian.



Alexander Gubsky is the publisher of The Moscow Times. He previously served as
publisher of business newspaper VTimes, and is the former deputy editor-in-chief and
founder of Russia’s popular newspaper Vedomosti.



Twan Huys is a Dutch journalist, television presenter, television producer and author.

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